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6 06 2009

Hello Planet! If you don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself: I’m Thomas McGuire, and I’m a KDE developer. My main work area is KMail, as I’m the KMail maintainer, but I do touch other bits occasionally.

Why did I start a blog? Not many members of the KDEPIM team blog often, and I think it is important to tell the outside world what is going on, I plan to give updates when something interesting related to KMail or KDEPIM happens. Also, when googeling for my name, the first entry still is a certain (dead) air force major, that has to change 😉

Ok, now that I got mandatory introduction finished, let me get to today’s topic: Junior Jobs in KMail.

As you maybe know, for example through Allen’s blog, we have relatively few developers, but a huge codebase that needs to be maintained, and thus are always in the need of new blood.

Getting into KDE development is not always easy, especially when there is lot of code like in KMail. To make it easier for potential developers, I’ve created a wiki page on techbase with Junior Jobs for KMail. Those are little coding tasks that don’t require much knowledge about the internals of KMail, and are self-contained, so working on those issues should be easy and fun.

So if you know C++ and a bit of Qt and want to help out with KMail development, look at the wiki page: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/KMail_Junior_Jobs!

I’m glad that two developers, Jonathan and Frank, already joined in the fun.

Frank fixed a rather annoying regression which badly affected the speed of disconnected IMAP syncing in 4.2.3 and fixed a bug that renaming a sending account had no immediate effect.

Jonathan added support for tags that change the background color (will be in KDE 4.4, not 4.3 due to the feature freeze) and fixed two bugs, one relating to grouping of messages if the start of the week is not on Monday, and one with the filter dialog.

So thanks to Frank and Jonathan!

Hopefully we’ll see more new developers picking up Junior Jobs soon!

The next posts will probably be about Akonadi or the Summer of Code project by my student Constantin, so stay tuned! Tell me if there is any topic you are particularry interested in.




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6 06 2009

Welcome to the planet 😉 Oh, and thanks for avoiding kdedevelopers.org – all the other PIMsters seem to use it, but it’s such a pain in the neck to add comments to that I don’t think anyone else ever bothers 😉

I think many people are interested in Akonadi, the roadmap to getting all KDEPIM to support it, and also getting some numbers about its footprint/ speed – many people have expressed concern about having a MySql(d) instance running on their desktop, but I’ve also heard tales of it actually decreasing memory usage. I personally would love to hear some facts and discussion about all this on a nice open forum like wordpress 🙂

(Oh: and is it true that you can recite kmail bug#’s from memory based on their description? :))

6 06 2009
Will Stephenson

Yes, he can. And the revisions in which they were fixed.

7 06 2009

I’m looking forward to insightful blog posts, and wish you all the best for your work on KMail. Mailing is so crucial for our workflow, and KMail specifically is heading in a desirable direction from my point of view.

Having this said, I’m really looking forward to bug 41514, the most hated bug of all of KDE, being fixed.

7 06 2009
Lindsay Mathieson

I’m interested in starting with some simple stuff – what do we need to setup to start? the latest KDE from trunk? or could I get away with KDEPIM from trunk and the 4.2.4 dev environment?

7 06 2009

You also need kdelibs from trunk, because kdepim and kdepimlibs use some new functions from it.

I have a separate user for my development stuff, so I can have KDE 4.2.x on my main desktop and KDE trunk with my separate user. techbase.kde.org has more details on how to do that.

7 06 2009

I am not a programmer, but love the KDE pim and follow the development as close as I can 🙂

My two big wishes, I guess, will have to be addressed when it is all based on Akonadi – sync with my Windows Mobile 6 phone and sync with Plaxo. Sync with NewsGator seems to be done there already 🙂

But in general, I am very happy with anything that makes the KDE pim more attractive to business users!

7 06 2009

There is a summer of code project that adds SyncML support for Akonadi, which is the standard for syncing as far as I understand it, check out http://saschpe.wordpress.com/2009/06/02/gsoc-week-1-2-wrap-up/

I have no idea if Windows Mobile has SyncML support though, but I guess at least some bridging solutions exist.

7 06 2009
Tony Murray

Techbase has some good instructions on how to get a development environment set up. Most people use their distributions normal packages for daily use and install kde trunk in /opt or similar and have a user to use with it.


If you need further instructions, irc is a great place to ask.

9 06 2009
Lindsay Mathieson

Thanks folks, will experiment with kde-svnbuild

1 08 2009
Debianero Rumbero

Great work in KDE, Thomas!

PS People, don’t forget to watch this master conference:
[video src="http://www.geeksoc.org/gcds/Thomas%20McGuire,%20KMail%202.ogv" /]

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