Akademy 2010

1 07 2010

I'm going to Akademy 2010

I’m going to this year’s Akademy in Tampere, Finland! This is my third Akademy now, and I think it will be the best! Looking forward to meet everyone there again, and also looking forward to escape the heat here for a week.

I’m now preparing the last bits and pieces for my presentation, which I’ll hold on Saturday. I’ll present various tips, tricks and tools which are useful for KDE development, such as:

  • Advanced debugging with conditional breakpoints and reverse debugging
  • The valgrind suite for memory error detection, performance profiling, heap usage profiling and thread checking
  • Various smallish Git tips
  • No evil monkeys
  • More misc stuff

So much stuff to present in so little time! Come and attend my talk, you’ll learn something useful.




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